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Towngas | Building business Agility with Anffy Nocode solutions


Towngas | Building business Agility with Anffy Nocode solutions

About Towngas Smart Energy:

Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (1083.HK), Towngas Smart Energy, a subsidiary of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (0003.HK), specializes in gas investment and management across Mainland China. Its core business revolves around selling and distributing piped gas, encompassing everything from gas provision and pipeline construction to city-gas network operation, gas refueling stations, and household appliance sales.

Business Challenges

Paperwork Overload: The gas industry's high-risk nature demands frequent pipeline and equipment inspections. However, reliance on paper records led to significant waste, error-prone documentation, and time-consuming troubleshooting.
Management Blind Spots: Lacking adequate tools to monitor field workers effectively limited visibility into their activities and hampered overall workflow transparency. This rigidity also curtailed work flexibility and stifled creativity.
Communication Breakdown: Inefficient inter-departmental communication resulted in delayed or missed information transfers, disrupting smooth operations, impacting delivery times, and hindering timely data analysis for informed decision-making.
Data Delays: Senior management's dependence on infrequent meetings (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) led to delayed data analysis, hindering responsiveness to dynamic market changes. Pre-meeting document preparation further burdened employees with inefficient processes.
Integration Hurdles: Bi-annual HSE checks involved substantial document classification and summarization across departments, consuming considerable time and resources.

Turning to Anffy for Digital Agility

Executive Vision and Commitment: Recognizing the need for digital transformation, Towngas Smart Energy's leadership embraced Anffy solutions. The CEO's unwavering confidence in innovation and data integration spurred the formation of project teams with clear goals for system improvement and data utilization, despite the lack of prior Anffy applications in the gas industry.
Mindset Shift for Employees: Overcoming initial resistance, particularly among veteran employees, required dedicated managerial support, educational initiatives, and time for comfortable adaptation to Anffy's new work models.
Anffy: The Digitalization Catalyst: Anffy streamlined processes, provided real-time data access, and enabled swift anomaly detection and resolution, significantly boosting operational efficiency.

Changes made

Anffy's integration led to over 200 internal forms, 40+ interactive dashboards, and deployment across 16+ applications, delivering tangible environmental, efficiency, and operational improvements.
Real-World Impact:
Through Anffy's implementation, Towngas Smart Energy:
  • Optimized customer development: Seamless coordination from business negotiation to gas ignition across departments enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Reduced paper waste: Increased reliance on digital solutions minimized reliance on paper forms.
  • Improved external communications: Streamlined information sharing fostered better collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • Boosted work efficiency: Anffy empowered employees with flexible, intuitive tools, enhancing productivity.
  • Standardized operations: Consistent processes across departments ensured seamless workflows.
  • Simplified data tracking: Real-time data access and intelligent dashboards facilitate easy data monitoring and analysis.
  • Enhanced anomaly detection and notification: Automated systems quickly identify and alert about potential issues, enabling proactive corrective action.

Gas Client Development Case Study

One prime example is the optimized gas client development process. Anffy facilitated seamless coordination between sales, engineering, and installation teams, from initial negotiations to gas ignition, significantly improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Final Words

By embracing Anffy, Towngas Smart Energy transformed its operations, empowering employees, enhancing customer experiences, and securing a competitive edge in the dynamic gas industry.
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  • Specificity: Replaced generic terms with specific examples and metrics.
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