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Anffy - Ping An Pension Insurance | Bridging the Gap between IT and Business with No-Code, Empowering Enterprises for Efficient Digital Innovation

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Ping An Pension Insurance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ping An Group, stands firm in building its core strengths on the principles of 'professionalism, continuity, and stability.' Leveraging digital technology, the company consistently advances a portfolio of convenient, practical, and cost-effective financial products and services. With a dedicated focus on enhancing user service experiences, it aspires to emerge as a professional pension asset management institution and a leading provider of health management and protection services.


As the journey of digital transformation progresses, enterprises face a growing urgency to embrace digitization. However, a significant hurdle lies in the IT delivery capacity, struggling to meet the demands of evolving digital landscapes swiftly. This underscores the imperative for Ping An Pension Insurance to discover 'new productivity,' effectively addressing the tension between limited research and development resources and the surge in demand. Rapidly translating innovative business needs into reality becomes crucial, boosting responsiveness to market dynamics and customer expectations and accelerating the enterprise's comprehensive digital transformation.

Introducing No-Code Technology to Empower Digitalization in Enterprises

To address the aforementioned challenges, starting from 2021, Ping An Pension Insurance has collaborated with Anffy, introducing a no-code development platform. As a pilot initiative, the BI Business Intelligence team in the Insurance Planning Center has been exploring the implementation of no-code technology. In the digital transformation journey of Ping An Pension Insurance, the BI Business Intelligence team in the Insurance Planning Center serves as a key entity responsible for planning and constructing the operational analysis platform. This team plays a pivotal role, bridging communication between business departments to understand their needs and scenarios, and collaborating with the IT department to design and implement solutions.
In the practical implementation, a collaborative development model resembling a roundtable has been established, with the BI Business Intelligence team taking the lead in planning. Business personnel actively participate or autonomously develop within this framework. This approach effectively integrates the innovative capabilities of business personnel with the comprehensive planning and supportive roles of the BI Business Intelligence team. The emphasis is placed on leveraging the user-friendly features of the no-code platform. While ensuring safety and compliance, it aims to facilitate the achievement of cost reduction and efficiency improvement goals, realizing the empowerment of digitalization for the enterprise.

The Achievements Obtained

I. Collaborative Development

With the introduction of the no-code development platform, the business department can address simple requirements without applying for IT resources from the technical department and waiting for scheduling. Business personnel can independently and promptly build dedicated applications within their permissions through 'drag-and-drop,' significantly reducing the gap between technology and business. This accelerates the response to business demands, greatly speeds up the application system's production, and effectively meets business management's needs for digital tools.
For requirements involving data collection, data push, various logical judgments, etc., the BI team collaborates with the business team to jointly refine the logic process. Using the no-code platform, they build applications with a 'what you see is what you get' experience in a visual interface, reducing communication costs and improving development efficiency.

II. Security and Compliance

Due to the specificity of the financial insurance industry, Ping An Annuity Insurance has high security requirements. In the process of digital construction, the company emphasizes the unity and coordination of financial industry security standards and regulations.
The Anffy no-code platform supports localized deployment, fully meeting the requirements for design guidelines, coding standards, and security-related standards and guidelines unique to the financial industry in platform construction. This ensures the security of user systems and data.

III. Seamless Upgrades

The characteristics of no-code technology effectively empower both IT and business personnel, enabling them with agile development capabilities for common applications. This significantly improves application development efficiency. Coupled with the no-code platform's unique feature of developing and running simultaneously, it accelerates the speed of business scenario implementation and reduces the trial-and-error costs of rapid business innovation, meeting the iterative needs of rapidly changing business scenarios.
Taking the production scheduling application as an example, to quickly respond to changes in management requirements, the company needs to release three to four upgraded versions every month. After adopting Anffy, each backend adjustment takes minutes to an hour, and once adjusted, it can be immediately released with minimal impact on the user experience."


Ping An Annuity Insurance fully leverages the advantages of the no-code platform, seamlessly integrating it with the existing operational management platform. This integration provides a new productivity boost for implementing the strategy of innovation-driven development, lowering the technical threshold for system construction, and significantly enhancing development efficiency.
Currently, based on the no-code platform, the company has completed the construction of management applications such as production scheduling. Typically, the development of simple features can be completed in one to two days, and the development time for complex features can be reduced to one to two weeks.
Simultaneously, leveraging the no-code platform, Ping An Annuity Insurance accelerates the pace of digital transformation, focusing on using digital technology to empower process optimization:
1. Transitioning from traditional offline communication modes, such as emails and phone calls, to online.
2. Systemized data leaves traces on the platform, reducing manual tracking workload and improving tracking efficiency.
In the future, the BI Business Intelligence team will continue to drive the company towards deep digitization and even intelligence. Leveraging historical data accumulated on the no-code platform and utilizing methods like variance backtracking analysis, they aim to unlock the value of data, providing support for trend prediction and intelligent decision-making.