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RENAFAN Case Study: Using Nocdeo to Build entire workflow solutions for Elderly Care Center business

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The high customization cost, long cycle, and difficulty in maintenance of institutional management systems in the elderly care industry are industry pain points. The emergence of the Anffy codeless development platform has solved these problems very well. After using Anffy , it promoted the standardization and digital development process of RENAFAN, truly formed the digitization of core business values, and became an important part of the enterprise's infrastructure.
——Aiwoah Shi, Director of the Office of the Executive President of RENAFAN Senior Care Group ( Asia )
Germany's RENAFAN Elderly Care Group (RENAFAN) is one of the leaders in German elderly care services that started out as home care for the elderly. It has 27 years of nursing experience and its services include home care, critical medical care, institutional care, community services and the disabled. Full Service. It officially entered the Asian market in 2015 and has currently established 11 service institutions and operates nearly 2,000 nursing beds.
As the business expands and the scale continues to expand, the company's internal operational management needs become more prominent, and various management tools are tried to be used in the process:
1. Paper documents and Excel
When setting up the first nursing home, Excel was mainly used for data collection, statistics and analysis. Processes related to elderly care services, such as nursing level assessment, nursing risk assessment , nursing service records, meal ordering, payment, etc. , are handled offline using manual paper documents. With the increase in the number of nursing homes, the operation and management model of paper documents and Excel is prone to chaos and uncontrollable situations .
First of all, the actual business process specifications of each elderly care institution cannot be fully controlled. They adopt offline processes, and information is easily lost, making it difficult to save and compile statistics.
Secondly, the service staff of each elderly care institution have different levels of working ability. Data collected using Excel cannot be standardized and can easily be tampered with. At the same time, as the volume of business data increases, statistics are time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone.
As a result, the company began to plan to install a system to solve operational management problems.
2. Smart elderly care system
For the elderly care industry, there are quite a few vertical SaaS. At first, RENAFAN also investigated and tried a smart elderly care system, but some problems arose during use:
First of all, the smart elderly care systems on the market provide many redundant functions , but there are very few functions that can actually match the business. The system cannot be changed according to actual business processes, cannot meet personalized business customization needs , and cannot be connected with the system of the German group headquarters.
Secondly, because many service staff in nursing homes have low recognition of smart systems, the system is difficult to use and has low usability, requiring early training. Once personnel are replaced, retraining is required, which results in high time and economic costs.
3. Customized development system
In order to make the system match the business, rather than having the business cater to the system, RENAFAN began to try to find IT outsourcing companies to customize the system development. However, the needs of each elderly care institution are different, and IT does not understand the business logic. The communication cost in the early stage of development becomes very high, and the final system cannot meet the actual needs .
Considering the high cost of development funds, high post-maintenance costs and poor actual implementation results, RENAFAN gave up the custom development method and continued to explore refined operation management models and more flexible development methods.
Use no code to build 400+ applications in one year
After experiencing trial and error in various development methods, RENAFAN decided to appoint Mr. Aiwah Shi to find management software that is more flexible and convenient and meets individual needs. From this, Mr. Aiwah Shi came into contact with Anffy no-code development platform.
As a business manager who is familiar with Excel but has no IT foundation, within one year of using the no-code development platform, he has built 400+ applications while using it. It was piloted from RENAFAN Nursing Home in Yantai City and covered 10 other nursing homes. The application scenarios involve OA, HRM, CRM, and MES . It has now helped enterprises achieve refined operation management of daily work.
Aiwah Shi believes that the benefits brought to enterprise management by adopting the Anffy no-code development platform include:
1. The system is simple to use and saves a lot of training costs , including time costs and economic costs.
2. The internal management process is fixed through Anffy to standardize and standardize RENAFAN's institutional management , making it replicable.
3. personalized management needs of leaders of different nursing homes , leaders have a certain degree of dominance in the development and use of the system .
4. When business changes, the system can be flexibly adjusted and modules can be matched according to business needs, allowing new businesses to be launched quickly.
5. Help enterprises improve their operational management ideas. Through data collection through Anffy , and then using Anffy BI product - AnffyBI for data processing and display, the operating conditions of each elderly care institution can be understood in real time, providing managers with first-hand accurate data and providing decision-making basis for institutional development and planning.
6. Realize enterprise digital customer management and improve the quality and standardization of customer management.
7. Data-based, modular processing and analysis of daily work within the enterprise saves time for managers and business personnel, improves work efficiency, and makes elderly care work more systematic .
Specific application scenario display
1. Operation management
In the past, the operational data of each branch required Mr. Aiwah Shi's department to collect, summarize, analyze, and report through Excel at the end of the month (beginning of the month). The time concentration is high and the data is complex. Due to the irregularity of submitted data, it takes a lot of time to clean and organize the data; the corresponding departments of the data collection port are different and the statistical caliber is inconsistent, resulting in data mismatch and inability to verify and communicate with each other. The cost is huge. Seriously affecting the reliability of the company's decision-making basis.
using Anffy , we have saved a lot of time in data sorting and avoided repeating low-efficiency work every month. The data is highly accurate and can be mutually verified, and all data is traceable and reproducible. Work processes can be copied and work responsibilities can be quantified. By opening the Anffy portal, the company's decision-makers can view the operations of each organization in real time, and the visual analysis results facilitate group leaders to understand the operating data of each organization as a whole. It saves group company management costs and optimizes branch office workflow.
2. Standard monitoring
The standard monitoring portal is a visual display of the organization's operational financial statements and a concrete manifestation of the group's refined operational management. It can help managers realize real-time monitoring of occupancy trends, staff ratios, salary comparisons, various expenses, etc. of each institution, and can access the underlying data of the application at any time. Guide deans of each institution to focus on management goals.
The dean can intuitively understand the various operating data of the hospital through the portal data , including whether customer income, management expenses, profit trends, staff ratios, etc. are reasonable. He can also horizontally compare the operating data of other nursing homes in the group to provide guidance for him. Provide an important basis for business management decisions.
3. Customer relationship management
Use Anffy to build a CRM system, define the RENAFAN institutional sales business process, and display business trends through a customized cockpit to provide decision support. The entire process from customer leads, follow-up to check- in is managed online, and the data is linked to the fee management system . With the help of Anffy BI product - AnffyBI , the customer's full life cycle data is visually displayed . Establish a database of intended customers, accurately segment the market, provide main reference data for accurate advertising and communication , and investment in marketing budgets, and establish a precise marketing system for elderly care services.
In the past, Excel was used to create reports with poor interactivity, and could not effectively maintain the forward-looking and coherent nature of customer follow-up. It was difficult to synchronize customer demand upgrade trajectories, causing the sales process and customer check-in plans to be out of sync, interfering with customer transactions. At the same time, the existence of uncontrollable factors in the sales process, such as the flow of personnel, will also cause the loss of customer information business opportunities.
In addition, the existing CRM systems on the market cannot fully match the service scenarios of elderly care institutions and cannot be connected with the settlement management and customer service systems. The cost of customizing the system is high and the cycle is long . At present, the above problems have been solved well through the CRM system built by Anffy .
4. Nursing files
As a standardized international elderly care enterprise, RENAFAN requires a large number of forms to solidify various information and care files for the elderly for institutional operations. The management of my country's elderly care industry is becoming increasingly standardized, and a number of normative documents have also been set up.
These paper documents basically cover the entire process of quality management including admission of the elderly, risk assessment, risk notification, archiving, care plan, care execution, and check-out . There are hundreds of these documents in total. If we continue to rely on traditional paper document records, the data cannot be directly referenced, which will take up a lot of nursing site work time for nursing managers, and most of the basic information is repeated, causing work inefficiency. Moreover, archiving and saving requires a lot of time, and it is also inconvenient to review. Currently, grassroots nursing staff in nursing homes have limited writing capabilities, and a certain proportion of nursing staff are unable to complete multiple daily care records for operational purposes.
As a result, the development and application of data-based nursing management systems has become an inevitable trend. Through Anffy, you can independently build a personalized system based on industry standards and RENAFAN's business philosophy. Find the greatest common denominator that meets the needs of various scenarios.
Anffy collects customer information from various dimensions, references each other in related applications, solidifies the care process, optimizes file management, and shares customer care information within the organization. With centralized visual display in the nursing portal, nursing staff can easily check the elderly's various care file forms. In the configuration of daily operation nursing file records, text input content should be reduced as much as possible, and different permissions should be allocated according to the difficulty level to match the institutional nursing scenario.
Different elderly people have different care needs, among which the procurement of food ingredients is very important. Therefore, Mr. Aiwah Shi used Anffy to build an food material analysis application based on the RENAFAN Group's nursing standards to facilitate the management of food material procurement data. Such personalized scenario needs cannot be met in standard SaaS. , but it is necessary in actual refined operations.