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Smartone: the journey of a IT services company in achiving Digital Agility in a very affordable and efficiency way

IT/ICT Professional Services

About the company

Smartone is a Hong Kong company that provides integrated solutions and professional advice to enhance your business productivity and digitalization. The company's mission is to boost productivity by streamlining operation processes through digitalization. Corporates can adopt different Efficiency Enhancement Tools according to actual business needs to attain business efficiency without upfront investment and intensive IT support.

The challenge

In the past, Smartone had tried to develop its own systems and use off-the-shelf software, but neither approach was able to solve the problem of systems that could not keep up with business changes or share business data. In 2022, Smartone decided to adopt Anffy, a low-code platform, to help them achieve their digital transformation goals.

Anffy solutions

Smartone started by developing a comprehensive digitalization plan that included the following key areas:
  • Project management: Smartone built a system that tracks project lifecycles and integrates business and financial data. This system helps the company to better manage projects, track costs, and make informed decisions.
  • Cost management: Smartone developed modules to track and manage costs across the enterprise. This helps the company to identify areas where costs can be reduced and to improve efficiency.
  • Operational efficiency: Smartone implemented a number of initiatives to improve operational efficiency, including the use of mobile devices and automation.

Key achievements

After three years of implementation, Smartone has achieved a number of key results, including:
  • Reduced development costs by 70%
  • Increased development speed by 300%
  • Reduced development complexity
  • Improved collaboration between business and IT
  • Increased data visibility and insights
  • Improved operational efficiency
Smartone's story is a success story for digital transformation. By adopting Anffy, the company was able to achieve significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and decision-making. The company is now well-positioned to continue its digital transformation journey and to compete in the digital economy.