User Case

A travel company modernize its IT system via Anffy Nocode Solution

Transportation Professional Services

Cola Tour Taiwan Co Limited: Revolutionizing Operations with Anffy's No-Code Platform

Cola Tour Taiwan Co Limited, with its footprint spanning over 70 outlets, is a stalwart in handling domestic and international group tours, independent travel services, and visa processing. With a legacy of 60 years in the travel industry, they've cultivated an elite team dedicated to providing reliable local services, becoming the go-to neighbor for customers, offering personalized travel consultations, and curating unforgettable journeys.

Digital Challenges Faced

However, in the wake of rapid growth, Cola Tour Taiwan Co Limited encountered hurdles across organizational, operational, and financial domains. Seeking to streamline and professionalize their operations, they initially embarked on an in-house Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) development project, supported by a dedicated R&D team of around 3 individuals. They opted for an agile development approach to construct their HR management system, but the results fell short of expectations.
Mr. Chen, the Managing Director, summarized the challenges faced by their in-house system:
  • Rapidly increasing and diversified workforce.
  • A need for agility and swift responsiveness to ever-changing business requirements.
  • Real-time efficacy in maintaining an incentive system for employees.
However, the conventional development approach brought along its own set of problems:
  • Escalating manpower costs.
  • Prolonged development cycles.
  • Inability to swiftly adapt to evolving business needs.
The tension between business and IT surfaced in the form of conflicting demands:
  • Development's plea: "The requirements raised today should remain unchanged tomorrow."
  • Business's plea: "The needs presented today should be swiftly put into action tomorrow."

The Anffy Solution: Bridging the Gap with No-Code Development

After meticulous evaluation of their digital transformation needs and comparing various development methodologies, Cola Tour Taiwan Co Limited made a strategic shift. They chose the Anffy no-code development platform to ground their requirements.
Anffy's intervention commenced a transformation from traditional development practices to a no-code paradigm. They restructured systems' design using Lightflows, enhancing configurability without disrupting ongoing operations. Plans are underway to extend Anffy's no-code capabilities across the company's other business lines, aiming to cover system needs comprehensively by the end of this year.
Leveraging Anffy Features:
  • Streamlined Connectivity: Automated creation of enterprise accounts for employees through process and Webhook integration, breaking down system silos and reducing manual HR operations.
  • Performance Assessment Integration: Utilizing Q-Linker to synchronize business system data API for real-time performance assessment and metric computation.
  • Automated Workflows: Deploying Q-Robot in diverse scenarios, such as initiating promotion processes post-archiving employee performance assessments, to streamline operations.
  • Empowering Administration: Utilizing portal engines for rapid backend system development, facilitating data visualization and real-time organizational insights.

Results and Future Prospects

Cola Tour Taiwan Co Limited's transition to Anffy's no-code platform delivered substantial outcomes. They witnessed an 80% reduction in IT spending while boosting operational efficiency by a staggering 300%. With streamlined workflows and enhanced agility, they've found a reliable partner in Anffy, allowing them to focus more on delivering exceptional travel experiences.