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DANONE China: Streamline sales, marketing, warehousing and finance management all in one on Anffy, how a large food producer develop digital Agility

Danone entered the Chinese market in the late 1980s. China has now become Danone's second largest market in the world, with 8 factories and more than 8,000 employees, and contributed approximately 10% of Danone's global sales in 2021. It has many well-known brands, including Aptamil, Nuoyouneng , Pulse, Nutricia, Newcomte, Nengquansu, Evian, etc.
With the development of business, Danone China 's information management and information system encountered the following difficulties in the business management process:
1. The original business system is outdated and can only solve some business problems. Moreover, specific information such as product prices cannot be seen on the mobile phone, making it impossible to effectively realize mobile office.
2. When reporting goods for sales , there is often a mismatch between the quantity of goods reported and the vehicle model. There are serious disputes between sales and fleet personnel over transportation issues.
3. Manual statistics of data in sales, warehousing, finance and other business sectors are inefficient and cannot be accessed in real time. Managers cannot see the full picture of the business in a timely manner.
In order to solve these problems, the staff of Danone China also tried many products. During the trial process, they found that many product function modules were relatively fixed. If they wanted to modify them according to their own business conditions, they would need to carry out secondary development. The cycle was long and the cost was high. In the end, they Anffy was chosen.
Effect presentation
1. Open up multi-terminal business management on PCs and mobile phones, making it easy to work on the go
Danone China uses DingTalk for internal communication, but DingTalk's capabilities in complex business processing are slightly insufficient, so they use the Anffy version of DingTalk, replacing the original business management software with Anffy , and integrating Anffy and The integrated use of DingTalk easily solves the needs of multi-terminal business management, allowing staff to process business and view relevant data in real time anytime and anywhere.
2. Matching vehicle models based on the volume of shipments , resulting in higher utilization of distribution resources.
The manager sets the loading volume corresponding to each car model in the background of the system and opens all car models at the same time; when the salesperson submits the relevant order, if the reported volume exceeds or is lower than the loading volume of a certain car model, the order cannot be To submit, the sales staff needs to adjust the quantity of related goods to select the corresponding model.
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This method can effectively help sales staff quickly match suitable models, and avoid fleet staff from arguing with sales staff due to vehicle loading issues. At the same time, it also enables higher utilization of distribution resources and avoids waste of resources.
3. Sales, warehousing, finance and other data can be connected with one click to control the entire business in real time
In the previous business processing process, Danone China's sales, warehousing and financial data were not interoperable. After these businesses are unified managed through Anffy , the relevant data can be easily correlated and analyzed.
In the financial sector, since Danone China adopts a "production-based sales" model, business personnel need to know the remaining amount of the customer's advance payment. Of course, when the remaining amount is insufficient, the customer needs to be reminded to make a payment. Through Anffy's powerful external connection capabilities, customer payment data can be captured from the corresponding financial software in real time to ensure that the payment data is correct.
In addition, they use Anffy 's automated data reports to manage customer orders and amounts in a unified manner. Whether it is the number of products sold, sales volume or payment collection status, they can be viewed in real time through the reports.
In addition to the business modules mentioned above, reimbursement of Danone China business personnel (such as fare subsidies, gas subsidies, conference expenses, advertising expenses, etc.) is also completed on Anffy ; after the staff fills in the corresponding reimbursement form, the system will automatically Push it to the relevant person in charge for approval. After approval, the finance department will automatically transfer the corresponding fees to the applicant's account.
Mr. Gao of Danone China commented on Anffy and said:
Thank you Anffy for taking us on the road of deep informatization of management; Anffy’s code-free customization of the system makes it easy for us to implement management thinking into the system, and the operation is simple and easy to use. ; The after-sales department also answers all questions and the service is quite good.