User Case

Anffy - Revolutionizing Student Services at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The genesis of "Anffy" traces back to enterprising students at Shanghai Jiao Tong University who, in 2013, embarked on a journey that led to the birth of this innovative platform. Originally known as "ApplicationPass," the product addressed various processes for the university's outstanding students, such as declaration procedures, social practices, venue registrations, and evaluations. These processes shared common challenges:
  • Dynamic workflows pose challenges in full determination.
  • Diverse form contents, hindering standardization.
  • Frequent updates make reliance on continuous development impractical.
Instead of contemplating the development of separate systems for each section, the students adopted a modular approach. They aimed to construct adaptable workflows and create forms that could be configured with just "one click."

Keeping Pace with Progress

From 2008 to 2018, amid the rapid evolution of the internet and mobile technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, a forerunner in information technology among universities, has consistently explored new frontiers. Established in 1973, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Computing Center stands as one of China's earliest and largest computing centers in higher education.
In the current era of rapid information technology advancements, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in its pursuit of world-class status, recognizes the importance of optimizing student affairs processes from a student-centric perspective. In the spirit of "Internet + Government Affairs" and guided by the "Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan," the Student Affairs Center at Shanghai Jiao Tong University has partnered with Anffy to forge an all-encompassing online student service platform.

Comprehensive Online Student Services

As students navigate through various transactions during their academic journey, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has progressively transitioned many processes online, enhancing efficiency and reducing reliance on paperwork. Anffy is honored to contribute to this journey of digital transformation, aligning seamlessly with Shanghai Jiao Tong University's commitment to delivering an enhanced student experience.
(Notable scenarios for on-campus applications are highlighted, offering insight into the platform's versatile application)

Key Features of Anffy

Anffy clinched this project through a competitive bidding process, owing to its robust engine empowers teachers to effortlessly "construct" business processes.
Key features that perfectly align with Shanghai Jiao Tong University's informationization needs for student services include:
1. Simplicity and Agility: Ensuring students enjoy a seamless experience without grappling with outdated systems. Submissions are made effortlessly via mobile phones and WeChat, underscoring Anffy's significant advantage.
2. Dynamic Creation and Modification: Teachers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University can swiftly generate systems through simple configuration and setup, making it ideal for scenarios requiring quick adaptations.
3. Streamlined Data Management: Anffy ensures data is formatted and summarized, steering clear of the challenges associated with paper-based and Excel data.


Gratitude to Anffy for choosing this innovative approach, enabling students to engage with student affairs in a more "internet-driven" manner and empowering teachers to deliver services through a more "internet-based" lens.
May Anffy continue to be a steadfast companion as Shanghai Jiao Tong University advances toward its goal of becoming a world-class institution!