ANFFY for Education Industry

Build custom education management solutions, to complete your ecosystem

Anffy no-code application development platform can help build apps that seamlessly integrate with legacy systems like student information, faculty management, facility management systems, and external systems, including IoT-based systems, e-Learning systems, etc. to ensure a suitable learning environment.
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Faculties Services

  • Faculty onboarding/ offboarding
  • Faculty dashboard
  • Salary computing
  • Bonus Program Management
  • HR System
  • Admin Solutions

Students Management

  • Students Info Registration
  • Students Accommodation System
  • Admission Management. ...
  • Course Management. ...
  • Examination Management. ...
  • Administration

Courses and Classes

  • Course Registration
  • Classroom Allocation
  • Meeting Room Reservation
  • Examination System
  • Class Attendance Management
  • Reporting and Scoring System

University ERP System

  • College Affiliation Module
  • Admission & Fees Management
  • Finance & Accounting System
  • Asset Management

R&D Management

  • Fund Application
  • Project Management
  • Fund Allocation
  • ExpenditureManagement

Vendors/ Suppliers Registration

  • Procurement System
  • Vendors Registration
  • Suppliers Voting/ evaluation app
  • Outsourced Services Management
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