User Case

Anffy-Grosper | Long approval processes for sales and procurement contracts, difficult management? Gaochang Machinery practices informatization from 0 to 1 with Anffy.

Manufacturing Start-ups
"Manufacturing's future undoubtedly lies in steering scientific development through data. However, for the vast majority of manufacturing enterprises, a notable pain point in informatization is the absence of professional technical personnel to develop, update, and maintain systems.
Enter Anffy—a transformative solution that empowers business leaders to independently construct systems based on robust business logic. By digitizing processes and harnessing Anffy's advanced BI capabilities, known as Light Analysis, businesses can efficiently aggregate and analyze data.
After three years of utilization, when our company decided to transition from Anffy under DingTalk to Anffy under Feishu, the Anffy service team seamlessly assisted us. In just four hours, they completed the migration and integration of our database, demonstrating swift service responses and ensuring a seamless data migration experience." — Liu Shijie, General Manager, Grosper


Enterprise Background:

Established in 1997, Grosper boasts 25 years of experience in manufacturing grain pellet presses. With a global presence spanning over 30 countries, the company is committed to becoming the preferred supplier of innovative ruminant feed and food equipment solutions. Grosper has delivered over 1900 various roller devices globally, with over 100 steam corn pelleting projects delivered. The company's product strength ranks as the top in Asia, with key clients including COFCO, Yihai Kerry, China Resources Wufeng, New Hope Group, and more.
As one of the first enterprise users of DingTalk since 2016, Grosper planned to deploy informatization. However, as different business lines adopted various systems, the company discovered a lack of effective synergy between different business flows, especially in the sales and procurement processes, which required multilayer approvals, resulting in low efficiency. Therefore, Grosper incorporated the Anffy no-code development platform into its enterprise informatization.

For Grosper, lacking IT resources, the value points of Anffy are:

1. A no-code development approach enables business personnel without IT background to independently build systems, requiring only an understanding of business logic.
2. Low threshold for building, simple operation, and clear UI interface.
3. Fast-response after-sales service and strong system stability.
4. Low cost and high cost-effectiveness.
Through the Anffy no-code development platform, Grosper completed the systematic construction of business processes, depositing data into systems, especially procurement and sales contract data. Previously unmanageable, the data accumulated on Anffy annually provides valuable support for the company's long-term development.

Core Application Scenarios:

1. LTC Sales Management:

Grosper's entire sales management system currently operates within Anffy. From early customer information, business negotiation records to later contract signing, payment collection, production planning, production progress, warehouse dispatch, shipment, invoicing, and more—the entire data flow is deposited in Anffy.
The powerful Q-Robot automatic write-back function addresses data write-back and recording after the process. The entire approval process for signing a sales contract, which used to take two hours, can now be completed in just ten minutes, covering approval, printing, and archiving.
"Traditional manufacturing used to require numerous paper documents and layers of signatures for the approval of sales and procurement contracts. With Anffy, we have achieved 100% online approval for sales and procurement contracts."

2. Procurement Management:

Procurement management primarily focuses on supplier procurement and procurement contract management. After adopting Anffy, the company can uniformly classify data, avoiding multiple departments and repeated data recording. Additionally, Light Analysis assists Grosper in aggregating, flexibly filtering, adjusting, and centrally displaying sales and procurement contract data, aiding the management in future planning.

3.ITR After-sales Management:

Anffy has facilitated the end-to-end management of after-sales work orders, from online entry of after-sales problem work orders to after-sales application, completion, and involvement of parts requests. Progress at each stage is readily available, enhancing after-sales response speed.

4. Borrowing and Repayment Management:

To standardize the employee loan and repayment process and safeguard company funds, Grosper used Anffy to build a borrowing and repayment management application. Internal employees only need to submit loan and repayment applications online, which the system automatically circulates to finance managers for review, copying to the finance department and general office, and finally, printing loan applications. This process enables easy withdrawal at the cashier's office.


Grosper's General Manager, Mr. Liu, believes that in the process of implementing informatization and digitization in enterprises, the first step is to determine the process. Relying on rigorous business logic to deduce the process, optimization follows, ultimately solidifying the process to achieve the full-chain digital development of the entire company.
Leveraging the Anffy no-code development platform can help traditional enterprises quickly digitize processes from 0 to 1, and drive the landing practices of all employees from top to bottom. This enables data to flow between business departments, ultimately benefiting management decisions and achieving true enterprise informatization and digital transformation.