Trying to Solve Any of These Challenges?

  • Rigid ERP systems

  • Crumbling legacy systems

  • Mounting technical debt

  • Multiple siloed systems

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Anffy enable you to create your own ERP modules that support your all business needs.

Operations and production management

  • Production Scheduling System
  • Operations Asset Management
  • Factory Operations Log
  • Workshop Monitoring

Warehousing, Inventory

  • Realtime Inventory
  • Warehousing Dashboard
  • Product Rotation, Shift Placement
  • OCR, Barcode Program
  • Stock Level Dashboard

Purchasing and supply chain management

  • Suppliers Management
  • Vendors Creation
  • Procurement Application
  • Procurement Dashboard
  • Supply Chain BI

Sales and order management

  • Order Registration
  • Sales Invoice and Billing
  • Sales target management
  • Sales Team KPI/OKR
  • Sales Channel Partners Management

Finance, Payment, Billing

  • Cost and Expense Application
  • Cashflow Dashboard
  • Reimbursement Application
  • Profit and Loss Dashboard
  • Auto-Billing/Invoicing
  • Auditing and Tax Automation

Logistic, Delivery

  • Realtime delivery status dashboard
  • Automated Logistic Order System
  • Delivery Agent Management Dashboard
  • Incident and compliant handling
  • Transportation Management

Business intelligence

  • Management Portal
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Real-time Market Intelligence
  • Revenue/Profit Detailing Dashboard
  • Team's OKR Assessment

HR, Admin, Operations

  • HR Management (interview, staff onboarding, offboarding, salary computing, bonus management)
  • Asset Management
  • Admin and corporate culture application
  • Manager/Director's Dashboard

Quality Control, Safety Management

  • Product Quality Management
  • Factory Safety Management
  • Factory Asset Management
  • Environmental and Carbon Auditing Tool
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