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With over 200 suppliers and 700 clients, how to manage daily orders effectively and achieve flexible monthly reconciliation?


With over 200 suppliers and 700 clients, how to manage daily orders effectively and achieve flexible monthly reconciliation?

"Anffy is the first no-code development platform our company has used. Its flexible and convenient system-building approach enables our business department's needs to be rapidly met. Additionally, Anffy Academy allows me to gain deeper insights into building with Anffy."
YC INOX IT Manager, Mr. Lei

Challenges Faced by YC INOX

The plastic piping industry is greatly influenced by major players. In the past couple of years, with the industry's digital transformation trend, major companies have acquired software firms, building customized systems for suppliers, driving their digital transformation, and fostering overall industry digitization.
However, due to the absence of exclusive SaaS (Software as a Service), the cost of customization is exceptionally high. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry cannot bear the development costs of customized software. Furthermore, market conditions, such as fluctuating raw material prices, distributors, and customer relationships, change rapidly. System adaptations in customized systems entail high costs and cannot swiftly respond to business demands.

Reasons Choosing Anffy No-Code Solution

Addressing YC INOX's pain points, IT Manager Mr. Lei sought a development platform that could be quickly mastered, possessed strong flexibility, and was easy to build upon.
After evaluating and experimenting with the Anffy no-code development platform, Mr. Lei found that using a no-code development approach significantly reduced the workload. There was no need to code at the foundational level, allowing an IT personnel to build all systems for internal and external company use.
Mr. Lei believed that Anffy brought several benefits to the business:
1. Reduced workload for sales and customer service by one-third.
2. Immediate system updates upon market policy changes, enabling suppliers to understand and execute the latest rules in real-time.
3. Tracked sales data; monthly accounts receivable directly exported from Anffy, facilitating reconciliation with suppliers.

Core Scenario: Order Management

YC INOX handles orders from 200+ suppliers, totaling over 800 orders monthly. Previously, sales, customer service, warehouse, and finance manually managed accounts through Excel. However, after implementing Anffy's order management system, internal business personnel and external suppliers use a unified system.

Order Management Workflow

When suppliers submit orders via mobile or PC, the system conducts credit checks. Orders within the credit limit undergo customer review; those exceeding the limit require approval processes. After sales/customer service approves the sales order, the system categorizes products for warehouse distribution. Warehouse personnel pick goods according to the split orders, making necessary additions or subtractions. All information circulates in real-time through approvals.

Supplier Ordering

Compared to traditional systems, the Anffy-built system is user-friendly. Mr. Lei, the system architect, doesn't need to train internal or external users extensively; providing a simple and understandable operating manual allows even novices to use it directly.

Order Placement - Picking - Delivery

For YC INOX's business, the goods ordered by suppliers might not match the final delivery. An intermediary stage involves suppliers picking goods from the warehouse. Over 30% of suppliers modify original orders during the picking/loading stage. For instance, an order initially for 200 plastic piping units might be changed to 400 units of two different types.
Traditional SaaS systems can't accommodate direct modifications; manual re-entry of new orders is required, delaying the entire process. However, using Anffy, Mr. Lei established a picking application. If there are order modifications during picking, the system combines them into a delivery order. Sales/customer service verifies prices on the delivery order, generating accounts receivable data. Finally, confirming the delivery order with the supplier completes the process.

Monthly Reconciliation

For YC INOX, the ultimate goal of system implementation is accurate recording and tracking of every order. Through Anffy, suppliers can instantly view relevant information, including shipment volumes, credit limits, and accounts receivable.
Reconciliation Data Sheet:
Now, sales and customer service generate a reconciliation letter monthly via Anffy's automated engine. Setting a monthly closing time, the system automatically emails reconciliation letters to each supplier's/customer's inbox. This automated process eliminates the complexity of manually organizing, printing, sealing, and sending reconciliation data through Excel.


For small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, managing daily business through informatization is the initial step towards continuous development in tune with the times. The no-code platform's flexible, convenient, quick, and efficient features can help businesses systematize, streamline, and standardize previously intricate and complex daily operations, truly implementing informatization management. It also allows real-time adjustments with market changes, gradually transitioning into the era of digital business.