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MPMC| How did a 28-year IT veteran lead a solo IT team to implement the group's digital transformation?

Manufacturing IT/ICT
In 2019, Huang Qiaoyong, a seasoned veteran with 28 years of experience in manufacturing information management, was entrusted with a critical mission by the board of directors — to spearhead the digital transformation of Perkins Engines, a New Third Board-listed company with seven domestic and overseas subsidiaries, within a concise timeframe of three years (2020-2022). The ambitious objective was to transition from traditional manufacturing to a digitally empowered Perkins Engines.
During this pivotal period, the entirety of Perkins Engines Group's IT infrastructure was overseen by a solitary individual responsible for network maintenance and hardware repair, lacking proficiency in software development. The challenge then unfolded: How did Huang Qiaoyong, the CEO of Perkins Engines, guide this lone IT specialist to execute a comprehensive digital transformation across the entire group within the designated three-year window?
Digital Framework at Perkins Engines: Perkins Engines's digital architecture is bifurcated into acquired systems, such as Anffy for OA and UFIDA for ERP, and in-house developed systems like MES and MPCS selection systems. At present, seven major systems, encompassing ERP, OA, MES, CRM, PLM, BI, and MPCS, are seamlessly integrated into daily operations, delivering tangible digital value.
Interconnected Systems: To ensure seamless interconnection among the seven systems, Perkins Engines meticulously outlined the entire process from engaging potential customers to post-sales service. The functionality of each module was defined, along with a clear roadmap for data exchange.
Strategic System Selection: For system selection, Huang Qiaoyong focused on OA as a prime example. He meticulously listed the requisite performance characteristics and conducted comparative analyses with traditional OA and internet-based OA. Considering Perkins Engines's specific requirements, the decision was made in favor of Anffy—an agile, cost-effective, and highly customizable platform that could be implemented without intricate programming.
Navigating Challenges in Digital Transformation: Huang Qiaoyong identified seven key challenges in the digital transformation journey:
  1. Limited education levels among frontline staff.
  2. Approval processes spanning multiple locations.
  3. Matrix-style approvals between the group company and subsidiaries.
  4. System isolation prior to adopting Anffy.
  5. Modest IT investment in a low-profit industry.
  6. Frequent process changes due to industry dynamics.
  7. Stringent regulations on listed companies, emphasizing data security.

Unveiling the Value of Anffy No-Code Platform:

  1. No-code development aligns with the current state of the company's IT team, enabling non-programmers to construct essential business processes.
  2. Integration with enterprise WeChat facilitates communication, eliminating the need for additional apps or extensive employee training.
  3. Anffy's built-in approval nodes cater to the company's evolving needs, including matrix-style approvals and robust notification features.
  4. Anffy provides flexible interface tools for seamless integration with Perkins Engines's existing six systems via rich API interfaces.
  5. As a SaaS platform, Anffy allows on-demand purchasing without incurring additional maintenance costs, ensuring security.
Applications of No-Code in Perkins Engines's Digital Transformation: Presently, 54 core processes of Perkins Engines are seamlessly executed within the Anffy system. Anffy's integration with MES and CRM systems is well underway, with ERP integration on the horizon. Anffy has not only streamlined HR processes but has also led to substantial cost reductions.

Highlighting More Case Scenarios:

  • Production Management: Anffy's mobile usage supplements MES system limitations, simplifying reporting of production anomalies, start and completion of production, and equipment issues.
  • Procurement Contract Management: Anffy and ERP integration automate the procurement contract review process, diminishing offline approval processes.
  • Procurement Warehouse Management: Anffy interfaces with ERP to automate the procurement warehouse process, incorporating MES system checks.
  • Case Studies: Real-world examples underscore Anffy's pivotal role in production anomaly reporting and procurement contract approval.
Perkins Engines, proudly listed on the New Third Board with the stock code 832266, has successfully charted its course through the digital transformation landscape, leveraging the robust capabilities of the Anffy platform across diverse business functions.