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Cope with surging orders: Anffy helps Cross-broder eCommerce Company Kilimall to be Digital Competitive

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Cope with surging orders: Anffy helps Cross-broder eCommerce Company Kilimall to be Digital Competitive

There is the “Double Eleven” shopping spree all over the world, almost throughout November, Kilimall, a cross-border e-commerce platform in the African market , has been busy preparing for Black Friday. According to data from previous years, the order volume on Black Friday alone increased dozens of times.
Along with the surge in order volume, the number of order inquiries has also increased. Victor, the head of the customer service department, said that the customer service department is the hub of the company, where all information is summarized. As business grows, it is necessary to ensure that customer service satisfaction continues to improve. The original business follow-up methods through emails and forms can no longer guarantee the processing efficiency of daily work, especially during major promotions.

After the company's product manager's research and recommendation, Victor quickly connected the work order process on " Anffy " to meet the platform's business needs, and took the lead in promoting it to logistics, finance, investment promotion and other cooperative business departments, effectively ensuring the approval of work orders. safety, reliability and efficiency.
" It's very fast to get started with Anffy. Many business departments involve many people, so it is impossible to sort out the operation process in one step. However, with Anffy, you can make changes while trying and make real-time adjustments. At present, we have built nearly 50 applications by ourselves, replacing the previous ones. Sharing forms and email communication, and planning to connect Anffy with the e-commerce platform we developed ourselves , so when we initially selected the model, we used the alpha version with stronger connection capabilities.

Kilimall - Light Flow Workbench

Typical application scenarios
Through Anffy , Kilimall has automated work order management , can optimize the original work order process at any time, and enrich work orders for a variety of business scenarios.
Business scenario one : Abnormal payment
Taking abnormal payments as an example, the light flow work order system has opened up the collaboration between buyers, customer service, finance and management personnel, realizing automatic allocation, automatic summary and automatic notification of abnormal payment issues, ensuring the safety of fund approval. At the same time, it improves the processing efficiency.

Cross-department business process diagram

Business Scenario 2: Abnormal Order
20 roles including sellers, logistics, customer service, self-pickup points, international logistics providers , local logistics providers , collection points, transit warehouses, etc. , in the past, Kilimall was more cumbersome to handle and would use a shared form to confirm the order. Information, but shared forms may have problems such as repeated filling in, overwriting, malicious deletion, and random changes to refund information. Every operation in Anffy is recorded and traceable.
After using Anffy, tasks can be automatically distributed according to the responsible party/responsibility type. Each role can clearly and intuitively understand their own to-do, and overtime tasks can also be monitored, which improves the processing efficiency of abnormal orders and helps Kilimall greatly reduce costs. Instances of omissions, delays, or mishandling.

Schematic diagram of monitoring task timeout

Business scenario three: Merchant services
In the past, customer service was frequently used as a microphone for merchant services on the platform. Now, through Anffy’s self-service application & processing of work orders, it not only empowers merchants to deal with problems, but also improves problem-solving efficiency and reduces the customer service burden. work pressure.
Taking the platform seller service portal as an example, one portal link can solve most of the problems in the seller's business process, increasing sellers' participation and transparency in the problem-solving process, improving efficiency and enhancing sellers' trust.
Once a domestic merchant encounters abnormal stocking issues, he or she only needs to initiate a work order. After review and confirmation by domestic customer service, it will automatically be transferred to an overseas warehouse. African colleagues will provide feedback to the merchant, and the merchant can also monitor the progress of the work order in real time.

Merchant service work order management business process

Manager’s experience
Currently, 50% of the people using Anffy are local employees in Africa. Anffy not only effectively supports business collaboration between Asia and Africa, but also helps managers implement their management concepts.
Victor said that after using Anffy, key business SOPs have been standardized and process operation guidelines have become clear. Since African employees are highly mobile, standardizing everything will be of great help in managing new employees. At the same time, after all data is aggregated into Anffy, employee performance appraisals can be calculated directly based on the number of work orders processed.
After the assessment standards are clarified, the scope of work responsibilities of front-line business personnel is clear, and follow-up with local colleagues in Africa is more convenient, and each abnormal business processing can be assigned to someone. Victor told us that
after using Anffy, all problems received by customer service can be solved within 48 hours. There may have been missed cases before, but now they can all be connected to the person in charge, and the customer satisfaction score has also been greatly improved. .
For cross-border e-commerce platforms, business collaboration between multiple locations and multiple roles makes management costs higher. Anffy, with its own "codeless" features and strong connection capabilities, helps platform parties quickly and efficiently empower merchants to sell goods globally. Improve platform business management efficiency.