Sometimes Your Retail IT System is the headache

You need a Retail workplatform that is Simple, Powerful, and Affordable

Your Business Process and Workflow can be different from other retailers, so you need to design your own work apps and dashboard that 100% match your requirement.
Anffy integrate all your retail and eCommerce business in one platform, you can manage your supplier, procurement, sales, order and return, inventory check, financial settlement, and other scenarios; supporting flexible adjustment of business processes, quickly adapting to the changing demands of the retail industry, enhancing your digital competitiveness.
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Tailor-make your Entire Retail Workplatform Apps/ Dashboards/ Data Set. In just a few Days. 100% Personalization.

Procurement Management

  • Suppliers, Procurement
  • Vendors Registration
  • Purchasing Orders
  • Procurement Dashboard

Warehousing, Inventory

  • Realtime Inventory
  • Warehousing Dashboard
  • Product Rotation, Shift Placement
  • OCR, Barcode Program
  • Stock Level Dashboard

Pricing, Promotion, Marketing

  • Customer VIP Registration
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Sales Promotion and EDM
  • Discounts and Events promotion Management
  • Pricing / revenue performance Dashboard

Sales /POS, Order Management

  • Order Registration
  • Automated POS
  • Bulk Sales Promotion
  • Customer Analytics Dashboard

Finance, Payment, Billing

  • Cost and Expense Application
  • Cashflow Dashboard
  • Reimbursement Application
  • Profit and Loss Dashboard
  • Auto-Billing/Invoicing
  • Auditing and Tax Automation

Logistic, Delivery

  • Realtime delivery status dashboard
  • Automated Logistic Order System
  • Delivery Agent Management Dashboard
  • Incident and compliant handling
  • Transportation Management

After sales Services, CRM

  • Customer review program
  • Compliants Handling
  • CRM Dashboard
  • After Sales Staff Training Program

HR, Admin, Operations

  • HR Management (interview, staff onboarding, offboarding, salary computing, bonus management)
  • Asset Management
  • Admin and corporate culture application
  • Manager/Director's Dashboard
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