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Daqiao Dao | Streamlining Business Operations for a 1300-Employee Food Manufacturing Enterprise—Efficient Integration of Sales, Warehousing, and Financial Management!



Established in 1979, Daqiao Dao Food Co., Ltd. (referred to as Daqiao Dao) has grown from a local pastry and food store in Tianjin's street office. With over 1300 employees, Daqiao Dao specializes in diverse product lines, including frozen tangyuan, zongzi, dumplings, and Chinese-Western pastries. Its products are sought after nationwide, reaching more than 20 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions. Operating with branches and production bases in Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing, and others, Daqiao Dao consistently achieves an annual sales revenue in the billions of yuan, securing its position at the forefront of the national frozen food industry.
Drawing on a profound understanding of Tianjin's rich culinary culture and dedicated research into traditional craftsmanship, Daqiao Dao has evolved into a large, modern frozen food manufacturing enterprise over 40 years. As a prominent brand in Tianjin and a revered "classic" establishment, Daqiao Dao has earned numerous accolades, including "Top 100 Enterprises in Tianjin," "Star Enterprise," and "Advanced Taxpaying Collective."

During business management, Daqiao Dao encountered the following challenges:

  1. The existing business system was outdated, addressing only some business issues. Moreover, the mobile app lacked specific information, such as product prices, making mobile office operations ineffective.
  2. Sales ordering often resulted in mismatches between ordered quantities and vehicle types, leading to disputes between sales and fleet personnel due to transportation issues.
  3. Manual data collection for sales, warehousing, finance, and other business sectors was inefficient and lacked real-time integration. Management could not promptly grasp the overall business situation.
In search of a solution, Daqiao Dao explored various products and discovered that many had fixed functional modules, requiring extensive time and costs for modifications to align with their unique business requirements. Ultimately, Daqiao Dao chose Anffy to address these challenges.

Realizing Results

1. Seamless Multi-Terminal Business Management—PC and Mobile By integrating Anffy with DingTalk, Daqiao Dao successfully replaced its outdated business management software. This integration enabled easy multi-terminal business management, facilitating mobile office operations. Staff can now conduct business operations and access relevant data in real-time using both PC and mobile devices.
2. Optimized Vehicle Matching for Higher Distribution Efficiency Daqiao Dao implemented a system where management sets the loading capacity for each vehicle type. Sales personnel, while submitting orders, must adhere to the loading capacity of the chosen vehicle type. This not only helps sales personnel quickly match suitable vehicle types but also prevents disputes between fleet and sales personnel. The system significantly improves the utilization efficiency of distribution resources, minimizing waste.
3. Comprehensive Business Overview—One-Click Integration of Sales, Warehousing, and Financial Data Anffy successfully unified sales, warehousing, and financial data at Daqiao Dao, allowing for easy correlation, statistical analysis, and real-time viewing. In the financial sector, Anffy's strong external connection capability ensures the accurate fetching of payment data from the corresponding financial software, helping business personnel track customer prepayment amounts.
Furthermore, Anffy's automated data reports enable Daqiao Dao to manage customer orders and amounts uniformly. Real-time reporting on product quantity, sales amount, and payment conditions empowers the team with quick and informed decision-making.
Beyond the mentioned business modules, Daqiao Dao's business personnel also leverage Anffy for handling reimbursements, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.
Highly appreciative of Anffy, Daqiao Dao's General Manager expressed gratitude for leading them towards highly informatized management. The no-code, customizable system-building approach, coupled with responsive after-sales service and system stability, has made Anffy an invaluable tool for Daqiao Dao's success in achieving digital transformation.