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GeDa NOBO Education Technology Co., Ltd. (NOBO Education), established in March 2011, stands as a pioneering research institution in early childhood education, a recognized national high-tech enterprise, and a prominent management group for mid-to-high-end kindergartens. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the first company listed on the New Third Board nationwide, with kindergarten entrusted operation as its core business, identified by the stock code 835983.
NOBO Education's groundbreaking product, 'Horse Seama Early Evaluation,' autonomously developed, is dedicated to providing a scientifically comprehensive information evaluation tool tailored for 3-6-year-old children and kindergarten education. Anchored in neuroscience, cognitive science, internet technology, big data, and cloud computing, this innovation captures the developmental characteristics and abilities of young children online, delivering essential education big data services to government bodies, educational institutions, and parents.
Before discovering Anffy, NOBO Education underwent diverse attempts to streamline its customer management processes. Beyond the sales team's imperative to expand and maintain client relationships, the operations team navigated a myriad of tasks, including customer training and service. As internal staff numbers increased and the customer base continued to grow, reliance on conventional collaborative tools posed challenges in achieving standardized, unified, and comprehensive customer management records.
To address the dynamic needs of customer management, NOBO explored a spectrum of solutions, from EXCEL to traditional CRM software, project management tools, to collaborative management platforms. However, encountered issues included:

  1. Addressing the input of customer information but lacking a process-oriented approach.
  2. Fulfilling the needs of collaborative management while struggling with unformatted data, hindering quick data download, summarization, and analysis.
  3. Meeting the requirements of data analysis without facilitating universal access for sales, operations personnel, and management.
The complexity and data isolation resulting from partial solutions prompted consideration for a more comprehensive approach. Customization development emerged as a potential solution, but it presented challenges:

  1. High customization costs.
  2. Slow post-adjustment processes.
  3. Extended development cycles.
As a company valuing precision and quality, NOBO Education's Hippocampus project team embarked on a thorough screening and procurement journey to identify an ideal CRM system.
Discovering a product embraced by both leadership and staff proved elusive. Ms. Dan, overseeing the technological product operations at NOBO, remarked, "I learned about Anffy through a recommendation from our boss. Upon understanding and trying Anffy, I realized its independent design could meet nearly all our needs, boasting powerful functionality."
Empowered by Anffy's technical support, Ms. Dan from NOBO Education seamlessly integrated Anffy into their business processes, crafting a bespoke customer management system. Key features that resonated with NOBO included:

  1. Automatic data circulation, reflecting high intelligence.
  2. Enhanced multi-party collaboration, fostering closer communication between departments and unifying customer service and sales into a standardized process.
  3. Data export to Excel at any time, facilitating convenient backup and archive management.
  4. User-friendly statistical reports and real-time visual dashboards for streamlined reporting and data presentation.
  5. Flexibility to set and adjust forms, processes, and reports as needed.
  6. Rapid functionality iterations, continually improving user experience.
Since embracing Anffy, sales and customer service personnel at NOBO Education seamlessly handle pending tasks upon arriving at work, leveraging Anffy to facilitate customer follow-ups and statistics, allowing customer data to 'speak.'