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Educational and training institutions stage a comeback for the back-to-school season. Anffy's solution puts your training institution ahead at the starting line!

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In the post-pandemic summer break, major educational and training institutions are gearing up for the back-to-school season, entering into fierce competition. Suppose your training institution has successfully carved a path through the crowded market, achieving summer enrollment goals. In that case, your next challenge may be how to consolidate your position and steadily increase enrollment. For those struggling to make an impact in the market, reflecting on the specific challenges faced is essential.
As the September back-to-school season, Anffy provides a comprehensive management solution for the education and training industry. From market enrollment, academic administration, and staff management to educational material management, parent services, and data analysis, Anffy addresses 99% of pain points in education and training institutions, facilitating an upgrade in management and preparing for the upcoming school season.

Market Enrollment: Scientific Marketing

Amid the pandemic, many institutions faced closures, with 80% shutting their doors. Unable to conduct offline enrollment, these institutions either waited anxiously for the resumption of classes or quietly withdrew from the market. It is anticipated that at least 50% of institutions may succumb to the impact of the pandemic, emphasizing the considerable challenge presented by offline enrollment difficulties.
Anffy offers a solution to track potential customers, real-time record appointment status, and achieve a coherent sequence of enrollment, follow-up, trial classes, and registration operations. This enables training institutions to have comprehensive control over the enrollment process, enhance lead conversion rates, turn potential customers into actual ones, and achieve rapid growth in enrollment numbers.

Academic Administration: Intelligent Scheduling

Scheduling has always been a challenge for education and training institutions due to fluctuations in student and teacher numbers, as well as limited classroom resources. Anffy addresses the chaos in academic scheduling by providing an effective solution that optimizes scheduling and other teaching management processes.
Anffy replaces manual scheduling with an intelligent system that effortlessly handles scheduling and offers multi-dimensional course information and convenient scheduling and rescheduling methods. The system supports conflict detection, automatically identifying conflicts in time, classrooms, and teachers in the course schedule, preventing scheduling collisions and ensuring smart scheduling management in training schools.

Parent Services: One-Click Connectivity

In addition to managing students, training institutions need to communicate with parents to keep them informed about their children's learning progress, understand teacher intentions, and enhance customer satisfaction. Anffy provides templates for parent services, allowing timely and transparent communication between the school and parents through channels such as WeChat, SMS, and email during critical periods, such as holidays and exam result announcements.

Human Resources Administration: Standardized Management

As education and training institutions expand, they often establish branches in different locations. To compete in the fiercely competitive education and training market and achieve stable development, efficient management models must be established. Anffy supports multi-campus management with divided permissions between campuses. Each campus manages its accounts, and the system logs all employee operations, ensuring accountability without compromising business data security.

Material Management: Precise Recording

Education and training institutions require effective management of various resources, such as textbooks, teaching equipment, and stationery. Relying on paper or Excel for inventory management can be troublesome, leading to chaotic accounts, inaccurate inventory, and delayed information feedback. Anffy's educational material management solution significantly reduces the difficulty and pressure of managing inventory. The system records detailed information on the issuance and return of teaching materials for each branch, providing a clear display of inventory details and generating a visual calendar for issuance and return. The system enhances work efficiency for business personnel, helps the owner grasp real-time and comprehensive business information, and facilitates timely and accurate business decision-making.

Real-Time Data: Intelligent Analysis

At the end of each month or year, educational and training institutions may need to gather statistics on customer contacts, sales performance indicators, enrollment performance, and team comparisons. Manually creating reports can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, yielding less-than-ideal results. Anffy automatically generates multidimensional and intuitive data reports, including monthly class hours, trends in new student numbers, age proportions of students, lead conversion rates, order trends, financial reports, employee performance, and renewal rates. These reports provide precise bases for real-time tracking, statistical analysis, forecasting, and decision-making, facilitating daily business management and guiding future business analysis for informed decision-making.
In conclusion, Anffy's comprehensive solution for education and training institutions effortlessly addresses pain points such as intense market competition, enrollment challenges, scheduling conflicts, ineffective parent-school communication, complex and inefficient departmental collaboration, and chaotic and delayed data information. This back-to-school season, Anffy ensures that you won't be left behind at the starting line.