Automate your workflow: Seamlessly Transform with No Code, Low Expenses, and Peak Efficiency.

From startups to Fortunes 500 companies, the world's most effective teams use Anffy to customize their SaaS

Anffy NoCode SaaS
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No-Code Development is a revolutionary approach to software development that eliminates the need for coding skills. It's designed for business personnel, IT developers, and individuals from various backgrounds. With No-Code, complex code modules are encapsulated into draggable elements, allowing for rapid application creation and deployment tailored to specific needs. Users can create apps, automate workflows, generate reports and dashboards, and seamlessly integrate with external tools in a matter of days or even hours. No-Code Development empowers businesses to enhance system functionalities, improve digital efficiency, and significantly reduce IT costs.

Application Builder
Easily create applications.
Set up Rules/Automation
Automate processes with rule-based actions.
Multiple Views
Customize your workspace with various views.
No Coding Skills Required
Ideal for users with no coding experience.
Instant Deployment: Quickly deploy your applications.
Quick Tagging: Efficiently categorize and tag data.
Visual Designs: Customize your workspace with visual design options.
Developer Sandbox: Sandbox environment for developers to experiment.
Dynamic Routing: Automate task routing based on conditions.
Extensive Integrations: Seamlessly connect with other tools and services.
Customized Notifications: Receive personalized notifications.
All Kinds of Reports: Generate various types of reports.
Powerful Dashboard: Access a robust and informative dashboard.
Custom UI:
Tailor the user interface to your needs;
Pre-engineered Templates: Use pre-built templates for quick setup.
Fast integration/API: Integrate with external systems through APIs.
Custom Task Cards: Create custom task cards for specific workflows.
Kanban Boards: Visualize and manage tasks with Kanban boards.
Approval/Signature: Streamline approval processes and collect signatures.
Unlimited Channels: Communicate accross unlimited channels.
External Portal: Provide external access through a portal.
ePrinting: Print documents and reports directly from the platform.
Auto Email/SMS: Automate email and SMS notifications.
Your All-in-One Platform: A comprehensive solution for all your needs.
A No-Code SaaS trusted by companies big and small
  • 200000
    Businesses, both large and small, have built their work platform on Anffy.
  • 90000000
    Applications, Workflows, Dashboards, and Reports Created on Anffy.
  • 90%
    Time and Money Saved Compared to Traditional Software Development
  • 1000%
    Team Collaboration Efficiency Increased
Create your own apps for your work scenarios.

Drag and Drop User-interface, Super easy and Super Powerful. Creating new workflows could have never been this easy. Drag and drop boxes wherever you need them to get going.

Free Trial
Use AI and Q-Robot to automate your workflow.
No Coding Skills Required, Build and Deploy Your Entire Enterprise Workflow with Hundreds of Apps in Just a Few Days. Instant Deployment, No Maintenance, No Testing Needed.
Free Trial
Create powerful forms, reports, dashboards and work stations.
Enhance Team Communications with Online Discussions and Task Comments to Stay Informed Throughout Your Project.
Free Trial
Centralized data permission and access control: personalized workstations for every employee.
Free Trial
Empower your IT legacy systems with robust integrations: Enhance team communication for seamless project management.
Free Trial
External portal: Easily engage with your suppliers, customers, and partners.
Free Trial
Smart Add-On Tools: approvals, eSignatures, ePayments, OCR, AI Assistants, and more.
Free Trial
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You Can Build Everything for Your Work Without Code
Admin System
API Integration
Asset Management
Auditing System
Cost Control
Cost Reimbursement
Customer Services
Data Analytics
Finance System
HR System
Inventory Management
Logistic Tracking
Low Code Block
Office Automation
Open Platform
Project Management
Purchasing Orders
Robot Automation
SMS Sending
Suppliers Management
Team Collaboration
Travel Application

Unlock the Future of Work: Say goodbye to the need for expensive development teams and costly SaaS subscriptions. With us, you can save a remarkable 90% of your precious time and hard-earned money while supercharging your digital agility by an incredible 10X. Join us today to revolutionize the way you work!
Hiring Developers to Build Apps
Purchasing Standard SaaS Products
Creating with Anffy, On Your Own

Required Coding Skill

Trained professional developers only

Trained professional developers only
Anyone can. No coding skills are required
Development/Deployment Cycle

Adaptability to your business needs

High, but challenging to use
100%, Designed precisely for your scenario
Cost of Development
Very High
90% Cheaper

Iteration Efficiency

Modifications/Changes effective immediately

Deployment & DevOps

Slow & costly

Cloud-Based Only

Agile and Flexible

Let's Create Your Own Apps, Workflows, and Dashboards Now!

Enjoy a Free 2-Week Trial. Even if you have no coding skills, you can easily create everything on your own. We'll guide you through the simple learning process, and you'll master it in just a few days.