Achieve Continuous Sales Success with Sales and Marketing Workflow Automation

Anffy assists in streamlining the sales process, empowering your sales teams to efficiently create, review, and manage essential documents needed to secure deals.
Why Choose Anffy for Building Your Sales and Marketing Platform
  • 1
    Empower your sales and marketing professionals to create their own apps
  • 2
    Maintain the human element in automation
  • 3
    Centralize lead/resource management
  • 4
    Analyze sales and marketing performance with AnffyBI
  • 5
    Facilitate easy collaboration, streamline approval processes
  • 6
    Close deals, and handle invoicing and payments all in one platform."
Create Your Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Tools with Anffy
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Sales Leads Pool
Sales Pipeline
Marketing Activity Planning
Marketing Campaign Briefing
Email Marketing App
Content Marketing
Leads Qualification
Sales Quotation Generation
Sales Follow-up
Sales Deal Registration
Contract, billing, and Invoicing Automation
Sales Deal Approval Process
Team KPI/OKR review