Effortless Automation: Streamlined with AI and Robots.

Q-Robot is a powerful automation tool that executes all your automation settings. It enables users to stay organized by allowing you to plan your processes, set priorities, and assign tasks to your robots. It is clutter-free and helps you get work done efficiently, keeping your processes organized and on track. Q-Robot is a simple and innovative way to build enterprise-grade processes.

Automated Email Sending

Create your email template and easily incorporate field content into your email messages. Anffy will automatically send emails based on the rules you define. Say goodbye to the need for third-party EDM software.

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Automated SMS Sending
Want to notify your customers about a promotion? Send them an OTP code? Or push an account state change notification to your users? It's all possible with the Anffy SMS platform.
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Automated Task Assignment
Need your team to handle specific tasks for you? Make data modifications based on preset rules? Initiate a new order when specific conditions you've set are met? It's all available and incredibly easy to configure with our Robot Automation module.
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Automated Notification Delivery
Notify your clients, team, suppliers, and job applicants through emails, SMS, or social media software push messages. Yes, all of this can be easily delivered via the Anffy Platform.
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Initiate, Modify, and Push Data
Automation can be configured across all applications and reports within your entire workspace. You can utilize the Automation robot to establish connections between different apps, ensuring seamless data integration.
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Data Exchange with External Sources
Webhooks can send data to other systems in the process. You can also receive responses and callbacks to update the current data.
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