Revolutionizing Workflow Automation with No-Code Platform

Anffy stands at the forefront of a technological revolution, pioneering the no-code SaaS platform that empowers users to craft their applications and dashboards effortlessly. In the era of software democratization, our mission is to simplify and expedite software application development without relying on in-house developers. This groundbreaking approach proves to be a valuable asset for enterprises seeking growth momentum with minimal investment.

The No-Code Paradigm

No-code platforms represent a burgeoning technology, enabling streamlined software application development without the need for coding expertise or extensive training. At Anffy, we've designed a platform accessible to all business users, facilitating the creation of applications tailored to their needs or their clients' requirements.

Empowering Businesses

Much like Shopify democratized independent store creation and DataRobot revolutionized data accessibility, our no-code platform signifies a new wave of "software democratization." We understand the limitations faced by small and medium enterprises with expensive and outdated traditional SaaS solutions. Thus, Anffy was conceived to fill this gap, offering a no-code system-building platform leveraging cloud technology.

Anffy's Offerings

Anffy's suite includes business process SaaS tools, online business process management systems, and cloud-based business process consulting services. Our platform, driven by forms, encompasses diverse business templates covering approvals, inventory management, HR, sales, and more. Through robust forms, customizable workflows, comprehensive data reporting, flexible permission controls, and automation, Anffy seamlessly integrates and manages multifaceted business operations.

Seamless Integration and Automation

Anffy features its application connector module, allowing business personnel to subscribe to connectors without the need for coding. Leveraging form and workflow engines, users autonomously construct business processes within Anffy, achieving data synchronization and messaging without hassle.

The Anffy Advantages

Anffy's zero-code platform excels in three key areas: product, solutions, and services.

  • Product Flexibility: The platform offers unparalleled flexibility compared to encapsulated SaaS systems, adapting to individual enterprise needs at just 1/10th of traditional software development costs. It seamlessly integrates with enterprise communication tools like WeChat Work, Feishu, DingTalk, and interfaces with various systems for streamlined data flow.
  • Solutions Expertise: With over a decade of implementation experience, Anffy brings forth mature, replicable solutions from successful enterprises, reducing trial-and-error periods.
  • Service Excellence: Backed by a professional post-sales team of over 70 individuals, Anffy provides concierge-style support, ensuring prompt technical assistance and operational guidance throughout the user journey.

At Anffy, we're not just offering a platform; we're facilitating a paradigm shift in software development, making it accessible, cost-effective, and efficient for businesses of all scales.