Manage Your Work Data

Explore Data from Every Angle

Anffy offers diversified data views, including multi-view visualization management, allowing you to realize thousands of data display possibilities.

Batch Import and Export

With Anffy, batch import and export tasks become a breeze, allowing for more convenient data migration and management.

Batch Data Processing

Anffy simplifies batch data operations, making it easy to select and process data in batches. Say goodbye to data hassles with our streamlined approach.

Data Display

Utilize the Data View Embed Portal for quick access to all your critical data, ensuring a closed-loop data display experience.

Multi-View Data Display

Customize data displays with options like to-do view, card view, Kanban view, and more to meet the diverse needs of thousands of users.
One-Click Batch Import/Export
Customize import/export content and content types for convenient data migration and retrieval with a single click.
Process Data in Batches
Easily select and batch edit data for tasks such as modification, transfer, deletion, and more. Streamline the editing and management of multiple data entries for increased efficiency.
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