Anffy Enables You to Create a People-Centric Digital Workplace for Modern Teams

Anffy supports collaborative initiatives by unifying teams within a digital workplace designed with a people-centric approach. Fostering effective team collaboration necessitates a thoughtful blend of company culture and advanced tools.
No Code - Everybody on your team can create their own apps.
Automate workflows with robots and AI, saving up to 90% of manual handling time.
Easily create reports, dashboards, and portals for data visualization.
Seamlessly integrate with all your other tools and replace outdated IT systems at only 10% of the cost,
Create Your Entire Digital Collaboration Toolkit
Work-from-Home Staff Management
Admin Announcements
Project Status Tracking
File Sharing
Automated Reminders
IT Services Requests
Corporate Gift Requests
Corporate Events Lanching
Travel Reimbursement
Staff Health Monitoring
Admin Services Requests
Visitor Management