Transform HR Workflows with Anffy's Customizable HR Platform

Streamline your HR workflows and boost team productivity by automating employee requests. Anffy empowers you to design your own HR apps tailored to your unique needs and processes.

Key Benefits of Creating Your HR Platform with Anffy:


Enable your HR specialists to create systems on their own.

Manage all your HR-related apps, files, data, and dashboards in one system, replacing outdated, slow, and expensive software.
Build streamlined workflows for all HR scenarios, including recruitment, approval processes, attendance management, and salary computation.
Extend access to external users, such as applicants and third-party vendors.
Easily create reports and dashboards, allowing data to inform your decisions.
Save 90% of your time and money by creating your entire set of apps, dashboards, and reports in just a few days.
Explore the Versatility of Anffy HR:
Job Posts Management
Job Applicant Tracking
Job Interview Workflows
Hiring and Rejection Notifications
Contract and Document Management
Staff Information Collection
Staff Onboarding and Offboarding
Work Scheduling
Work Attendance Management
Leave Application
Holidays Annoucement

Annual Leave Computations

Extra Working Hours Payroll
OKR/KPI Management
Personal Target Tracking
Project Performance Reviews
Bonus and Incentive Programs
Salary and Commission Management
Auto-Payment and Notifications
Cost Reimbursement and Travel Applications
Salary Adjustment Programs

Annual Bonus and 13th Month Pay Calculations

Staff Promotion and Motivation Plans

Onboard Training Scheduling
Meeting Room Reservations
Training Dashboards
Staff Re-education Programs
Social Security and Healthcare Plan Management
Mental Health Programs
Team-building and Social Activity Management
Corporate Culture Event Planning