Break Down Information Barriers, Connect Global Data, Harmonize User Applications, and Optimize Business Processes.

Seamless Connectivity Hub
Experience Diverse Connectivity Options Tailored for Your Unique Business Needs.
Effortless Low-Code Engine
Empower Yourself with Low-Code Form Interfaces and Rich OpenAPI Integration
Seamless Account System Integration
Enable SSO Authentication and Corporate Organizational Structure Synchronization
Effortless Hardware Integration
Implement User and Device Linkage Between Equipment and Systems
Seamless Codeless Connection Center
Effortless Visual Configuration Interface, Zero Barriers to System Building. Connect via Q-Linker, Webhook, Q-Source, and More to Easily Push and Collect Data.
Account System Integration
Supports Single Sign-On (SSO) or OpenAPI Interfaces for Seamless Synchronization and Identity Authentication of Enterprise Organizational Structure.
Seamless Hardware Integration
Our solution seamlessly connects with a wide range of hardware products to meet diverse business needs. Supported devices include cameras, barcode scanners, access control systems, sensors, intelligent reception desks, and more.
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