Highly Personalized Work Dashboard with One Click

The dashboard engine offers a user-friendly interface and customizable layout. With a diverse range of components, it's easy to integrate information for any scenario. The robust authority control system allows for seamless collaboration between internal and external parties, providing unique perspectives for thousands of users. Computer and mobile terminals are built simultaneously, and multi-terminal effects are controlled simultaneously.

Simple and Flexible Operation
Easily build with drag-and-drop functionality! Arrange elements up, down, left, right, or in a random layout to suit your needs.
Rich Component Support
Access a rich and diverse component library to consolidate information according to your needs.
Open Collaboration for Internal and External Users
Support external users for seamless collaboration between internal and external stakeholders.
Versatile Portal Usage for Large Audiences
Our platform offers rich permission control and functionality, allowing you to create different portals tailored to the unique needs of various user groups.
Advantages of Dashboard Engine
User-Friendly Interface
Easily add various components with drag-and-drop functionality, and have complete control over the layout with zoom in and out features.
Create a Versatile Business Hub
Utilize a wide range of components including filters, text, carousels, links, grids, and reports. Configure and integrate information as needed to create diverse and versatile business hubs.
Seamless Internal and External Collaboration
Anffy supports settings that are visible to everyone, satisfying both internal and external data display and data collection scenarios within the enterprise.
Hundreds of variations, Each Tailored to Your Needs
With rich permission control and functionality, Anffy enables the creation of diverse and personalized enterprise portals. You can build and distribute them on-demand to meet various business scenarios, ensuring they are tailored to your specific needs.
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