Set up Process Automation and Let Data Flow

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual procedures and embrace the efficiency of our cutting-edge solution

The process engine offers dependable technical support to help your business run seamlessly. With this user-friendly visual process design interface, you can effortlessly create, modify, and manage business process applications without coding expertise.

Multiple node types

There are various types of fields that can be matched as per your requirements. These include text, numbers, dates, tables, and many more.

Branch judgment rules

Based on specific screening criteria, processes into different "routes"

Node permission control

There are three visibility permissions: editable, visible only, and hidden.

Electronic signature

Efficient stamping/signing online, efficient and legally effective
Advantages of Process Engine

Variety of node types

There are different types of nodes, such as approval, filling, and carbon copy nodes. Choose the corresponding kind of node based on the task.
Branch judgment rules
After a branch is created in the process, only data that meets the "data filter" can enter the item.
Node permissions control
Configure the field permissions of the node. Different process participants have different fields permissions.

Electronic signature
Stamp or sign documents anytime and anywhere. All digitally signed and paper-stamped documents hold the same legal validity as any other documents.
BPA process timeliness statistics
Statistics on the processing time of process nodes can serve as a valuable tool for process improvement. They provide the data and basis for evaluating performance.
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