Create an Integrated Manufacturing Ecosystem with Anffy

Anffy simplifies the integration of your fragmented systems into cohesive and composable apps using low-code and no-code solutions.

Unlock the Potential of Production Management with Anffy


Empower your production and factory managers to create customized apps for solving their unique challenges.


Streamline your operations by consolidating disparate systems into composable apps.


Extend access to external users, including applicants and third-party vendors.


Effortlessly create insightful reports and dashboards, allowing data to guide decision-making.

Create Your Comprehensive Set of Apps, Dashboards, and Reports in Just a Few Days:
Factory Safety Management
Factory Workflow Optimization
Work Attendance and Scheduling
Material Replenishment Control
Change Management
Production Reporting
Inventory Management
Product Quality Assurance
Production Performance Analytics

Production BI