Create Powerful Forms with Drag-and-Drop Ease

Unlock dynamic features for a wide range of use cases. Building applications is as easy as playing with 'LEGO' for enterprise data entry. Enjoy rich field types, drag-and-drop form design, and customizable form styles, empowering your enterprise management like never before.

Diverse Field Types
Choose from a wide range of field types to match your specific requirements. Options include text, numbers, dates, tables, and much more.
Flexible Layout Style
Customize your layout with support for up to 4 columns, background headers, and more.
Streamlined Data Correlation
Easily link fields from different applications with just one click.
Powerful Formula Functions
Harness an Array of Logical, Numeric, and Time Functions for Data Processing That Work Like Magic.
Advantages of Form Engine
Wide Variety of Field Types
Dozens of Field Types to Design Exclusive Forms According to Enterprise Needs.
Free Arrangement of Layout Columns and Customizable Header Styles. Maximum Support for 4-Column Layouts.
Cross-Application Data Linking
Easily Access Data Across Applications and Apply Filters and Aggregations as Needed.
Use Formula Functions for Accurate and Flexible Data Filtering and Aggregation Operations.
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